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Awards and Past Works
Manhattan Beach Art Association
1st Place Watercolor
Professional Division

1st Place Watercolor ~ Professional Division


 Jade Buddha Temple
AnShan City, China

Sumi Art Cultural Award

Scrolls exhibited in Jade Buddha Temple

 These two contemporary Asian scrolls were on display at the Jade Buddha Temple in AnShan City, China. The scroll on the left is called 'Journey into Art' (SOLD) and the scroll on the right is called 'Journey into Spirit'. This scroll won a top award at the exhibit - The Sumi Art Cultural Award. 

Award Winner - Sumi Art Cultural Award

First Brush


Lonely Cypress in Carmel
Image: 15 x 19
Scroll: 17 x 38
Silk Brocade with Wooden Knobs (Jiku)

This is my 'First Brush' of the new year 2013. It is a custom in Japan to make your first brush on January 2nd. It is created with Ink, Watercolor, and painted on Mulberry Paper.
This image has been made into a two color mount scroll
The two scroll colors are Light Grey/Green and Indigo Blue silk brocade.
It is quite stunning!

First Brush Scroll
Scroll in its new forever home in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Prints of this piece are available: HERE

Kelly's Magic Persimmions 



This sumi-e was created for and dedicated to my daughter, Kelly. She is currently fighting leukemia (AML). A lot of love and hope went into the creation of this stunning painting. The original scroll was on display in a sumi-e and calligraphy exhibit in Tokyo, Japan.

Not for Sale

Please help in the fight against this dreadful cancer.
You can donate to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society HERE

Kelly's Magic Persimmions on display in Tokyo, Japan

Art Museum
AnShan City, China
BlackBird Grace

BlackBird Grace on display in China

Scrolls at AnShan City Art Museum, China
My two scrolls on display.
Left ~ Black Bird Grace
Right ~ Spirit Standing
Spirit Standing ~ SOLD ~ In the collection of Jim Quan, Toronto Canada
Black Bird Grace - SOLD ~ In the collection of an art collector in Oregon, USA

Spirit Standing

Spirit Standing by Casey
This painting is on perminate display at the Napa Art Museum.
More information is available in Exhibitions

Spring Flower Fall


Scroll donated to the
Art for Cancer Foundation
and SOLD for charity
In the collection of Dr. Wendy Brown-Toronto, Canada
This scroll was on display in Toronto Canada

Scroll on display at the Art for Cancer in Toronto Canada

Carmel Peace

Carmel Peace by Casey

Carmel Peace Landscape

10.5 X 13.5
Sumi (Ink), Japanese Watercolor, Mulberry Paper
Inspired by the peace of the Carmel River with its many critters that are drawn there to play.

Carmel Peace Landscape has been sold to a collector in Carmel.
Below is a photo of it in it's forever home!



Finding the Flow
14 x 18
Sumi (ink) and Japanese watercolor on Mulberry Paper 

This scroll was on exhibition in Tokyo Japan. 

Finding the Flow by Casey
On exhibit in Tokyo Japan

Prints of this piece are available: HERE


Wabi- Sabi Rising Up
14 x 18
Sumi (ink) and Japanese watercolor with tea

This scroll was on exhibition in Tokyo Japan. This piece is a very special painting for me. It is a painting to commemorate the 30th anniversary of my stroke. It was painted in celebration and because I still could paint! This represents the landscape of my life.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese saying that means to appreciate that which is imperfect. 


Wabi Sabi ~ Rising Up by Casey
On exhibit in Tokyo Japan

Prints of this piece are available: HERE



Moon Shadows

Image: 14 x 24 inches
Scroll: 15 x 60 inches

Sumi (ink) and Japanese Watercolor

This scroll was on display in Anshan, China.
It now resides it its forever home with a collector in Santa Cruz, CA. 

Moon Shadows
Moon Shadows by Casey
Moon Shadows

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