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Gallery Shuen

Contemporary Asian Scrolls

Contemporary Asian Scrolls by Casey
This art gallery contains images created using sumi (ink) and watercolor painted  on Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper).  What is Shuen Paper you might ask? It is Chinese rice paper. Rice paper is the brush painter's canvas. Mastering the way ink behaves on the different rice papers is one of the essential skills of the brush painter. There are basically two kinds of rice paper -- raw paper and sized paper.
Shuen Paper (Xuan Paper) is raw paper and the most popular paper in China among brush painters and calligraphers. It is the most sensitive of the rice papers, cheerfully displaying dynamic strokes and complex shade variations with translucent fluidity and original spontaneity.  Any brush painter will tell you it is difficult to work with rice paper and takes years of practice to master.

Purchase Information

Some sumi-e in this gallery are mounted into scrolls. Originals are for sale already mounted as Asian Scrolls or I can custom mount others for you. If you are interested in any of these scrolls, please email me so that I can confirm the availability of the piece. I will then add a PayPal button for your use to purchase the scroll. Thank you.

 How to Purchase Original Work


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Scrolls on Exhibition at CVAA

Scrolls Exhibited in Anshan City, China

These beautiful landscape scrolls of Carmel Valley were on exhibit in Anshan City, China in the public center from October 3 - 10, 2013. They are back in the United States. These sumi-e are created with sumi (ink) and Japanese Watercolor on Mulberry Paper. The silk brocade is a light grey with a gold trim. The paintings were mounted in China.

Scrolls:  16 x 61 

Sumi Soul by Casey
Sumi Soul Scroll by Casey

Sumi Soul

Price: $739


Peace by Casey
Peace Scroll by Casey

Peace Scroll

Price: $739


New Asian Scroll Landscape Series
Carmel and Carmel Valley Views

These new landscape scrolls are stunning!
Medium: Sumi (Ink), Japanese Watercolor, on Mulberry Paper

Image Size: 10.5 x 13.5
Scroll Size: 14.5 x 37
Brocade Silk - 2 Color Mount - Tan and Brown/Maroon
Wooden Knobs (Jiku)

Carmel Landscape Series Scrolls by Casey

Carmel Valley Peace

Carmel Valley Peace by Casey Shannon
Carmel Valley Peace Scroll

Price: $589

Valley Cathedral

Valley Cathedral by Casey Shannon
Valley Cathedral Scroll

Price: $589

Carmel Valley Hill

Carmel Valley Hill by Casey Shannon
Carmel Valley Hill Scroll

Price: $589


Sky High - Let the Birds Fly

Stunning Asian Landscape Scroll
Image 10.5 x 19
Scroll 15 x 40.5
Gray and Gold Floral Brocade

Medium: Sumi (ink), watercolor on Mulberry Paper

Sky High - Let the Birds Fly by Casey
Scroll Sky High - Let the Birds Fly

This scroll will be on exhibition in August 2014
Orange Regional Gallery
New South Wales, Australia
This scroll is back in the US.
Price: $589


Spirit like Bamboo by Casey

Spirit like Bamboo

17 x 43 ~ Brocade Sumi-e Scroll ~ Indigo Blue
Medium: Ink, Watercolor,  Brown Rice Paper
Price: $390

Spirit like Bamboo Scroll

Art Prints



Bamboo Spirit Dancer
Stunning Vertical Scroll
Two color mounting ~ White and Grey Silk
12 x 30
Wood Bamboo Knobs (Jiku)
Price: $250

Bamboo Spirit Dancer Asian Scroll

This scroll was on display:
Oriental Parc de Maulévrier

Carmel Valley Moon by Casey

Carmel Valley Moon

19 x 61 ~ Brocade Sumi-e Scroll ~ White
Medium: Ink, Watercolor, Rice Paper
Price: $525


Scroll Wall at Valley Girls Gallery



Journey of Flowers
Scroll Two Color Mount
White and Gold/Beige
Bamboo Knobs - (Jiku)

Image 14 x 26
Scroll 16 x 48

This scroll was on exhibit in Tokyo, Japan June 2013
Tanawa Public Center Gallery 2
Price: $400

Journey of Flowers Scroll
My scroll on exhibit Tokyo 2013
Journey of Flowers close-up on display Tokyo 2013


Yellow Pears of Happiness

Original scroll was on display in Descartes, France
Unique Horizontal Scroll $150
 Scroll 30 x 12
One color Mount - Deep Blue Indigo Silk

Yellow Pears of Happiness by Casey

Yellow Pears of Happiness Scroll 30 x 12

Display at Valley Girls Art Gallery



Purple Haze
Beautiful Vertical Scroll ~ $350
Two color mount - White and Deep Indigo Silk
12 x 30
Wood Bamboo Knobs

Purple Haze Scroll


Contemporary Asian Scrolls by Casey

Cliff Moon
Two color mount -  White and Grey
Image 14 x 26
Scroll 16 x 48

Cliff Moon by Casey

Art Prints


Bamboo of Joy
Two color mount -White and Grey

Image 14 x 26
Scroll 16 x 48

Price: $400

Bamboo of Joy by Casey



Care of your Hanging Scroll

Asian hanging scrolls are very beautiful and require special care. The Japanese hanging scroll remains one of the most subtle but least understood of all the art forms which combine paper and textile. It is important that your care for your scroll properly. Here are two websites to inform you.

Proper Handling - Oriental Outpost
Asian Art Museum - Six Tips to Protect your Asian Scroll

Your scroll will come to you rolled!

Handling  and Tips for Client at Home
Please do not handle the scroll by its left or right side.
This causes creasing and permanent damage to the artwork.

Hang scroll carefully. Roll scroll down on the wall. Never let it just drop down!
As with any fine art, do not hang in direct sunlight. Limit exposure to humidly.
Do not touch the painting surface with your hands as human hands contain harmful oils and will damage the artwork.
If the scroll gets dusty, do not dust with a cloth that will make it worse. Use compressed air in a can (like the air used for cleaning computers). The air comes out strong so remember to stay a good distance away when spraying
Protect from children and pets
When not on display, store rolled up tight and tied away from sunlight and humidity.
When re-hung, scroll will hang flat again in 1 or 2 days.

With a little special care, your beautiful scroll will last for generations!

Scroll in special wooden storage box.


Custom Scroll Mounting

Images not currently mounted into a scroll can be custom mounted for you. This process takes at least two weeks to complete. One or two color mounts are available for my work.

Bottom of a scroll - cylindrical rod called jikugi at the bottom

Proper cconstruction of a scroll presents many difficulties; it must combine strength with flexibility - strength to protect and support the artwork and flexibility to allow repeated rolling and unrolling of the scroll. The scroll mount must also successfully assemble up to six different types and weights of textile, various rice/mulberry paper, and balance each different component so that the scroll will function uniformly.

How is this accomplished you ask?
Here is a site that beautifully explains the process.
Antique & Modern Scrolls - Scroll Making

Selected Art Prints and Cards of some images in this gallery are available:

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