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International Chinese Calligraphy 
and Ink Painting Society

North America Branch Office

North America Branch Logo Designed by Tai Oi Yee

The Four Treasures of the Study
The Four Treasures

 Sumi-e is inkwash brush painting originating from China over a thousand years ago, and embraced enthusiastically in Japan, Korea and now internationally. The name sumi-e literally means water+ink+painting 水墨畫.

Ink wash painting uses soot ink on thin mulberry bark paper or silk. Different tones and shades are achieved by varying the ink density and brush pressure. It is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the subject, but to capture its soul. Sumi-e is the timeless unison of the true self and the universe. It is the expression of the mind and spirit of the artist through the Four Treasures (文房四寶) .

Sumi-e and Calligraphy artists have the utmost respect for the Four Treasures:

    1. Brush (筆): The ink brush is usually made of goat, rabbit, or yellow weasel hair. The textures are soft, hard or mixed depending on the artist's use.

   2. Ink (墨) :  Ink sticks are made of soot mixed with animal glue, and sometimes aromatic or medicinal powders.

    3. Paper (紙) :  It is not just any kind of paper. It is thin mulberry bark paper (Xuan paper from China and Washi paper from Japan).  It is also generically called "rice paper" in the west though rice is not one of the ingredients.   It is highly absorbent and unforgiving.  The brushstrokes have to be fluid and fast, and mistakes cannot be masked like on watercolour paper. 

   4.  Inkstone (硯) : The inkstone is used for grinding the ink stick with water. The four famous inkstones are Duan, She, Tao and Chengni.

The North America Branch members of ICCPS respects and adheres to this practice and ancient tradition of 'The Four Treasures' while maintaining the individuality of their styles.
Society Statement

Mission: Sharing the passion of sumi-e & calligraphy around the world without distinguishing between styles & backgrounds. Under the direction of master sumi-e painter, Ransui Yakata, the institute seeks to form a community of independent sumi-e painters with often different styles, but infused with the same passion.

Purpose: This community of artists can help show that this unique art form can often be interpreted with sensibilities and styles that are (quite) different. The artists associated with this initiative seek not only to promote their own artwork, but also sumi-e art in general, which deserves its own place among the major pictorial works of the world. More than just an art form, sumi-e is a way of being, thinking, and living. Our society is a way of demonstrating these concepts.

Goal: In addition, one of the society's primary goals is to assist in spreading the beauty and understanding of this unique art form and culture by exhibiting this exquisite art on an international level. Members' artwork will be shown all over the world.

Society Activities:

~ Quarterly digital newsletter featuring the activities and achievements of the society branch members.
~ Intermittent YouTube Exhibitions via Video.
~ Projected international art exhibitions dependent on sufficient support from membership base.
~  International exchanges between members of the society branches for study and fellowship.

Everybody is welcome to apply to this fast growing sumi society; professionals, amateurs, art connoisseurs, etc.The most important thing is that the person should be ready to actively participate in the society.

Qualification for Joining the Society

 ~ The applicant is invited and formally admitted by the founder after the person is nominated by other   executives (Branch Directors) in the society.

~ The invited artist must be a professional or have continued their own artistic activities related to Sumi Art, such as, sumi-e or calligraphy, continuously for 3 years.

~ The applicant's art should be of pure quality.

~ The professional artist applicant should already have been recognized by awards and/or have been successful in exhibits.

~ Annual membership dues are (2500) yen or approx. $28 US via PayPal).
~Annual Membership is from January to December = 2500 yen or approx. $28 US
~Apply between July and August = 2000 yen until December or approx. $23 US
~No new members between October and December

(Please note that money exchange rates change frequently - generally $23 to $33) 


Benefits of Membership

    ~ Free digital Newsletter in English (4 times a year).
    ~ The right to join exhibitions internationally.
    ~ Free submission of artworks for the Newsletter.
    ~ Submit articles for the bulletin.
    ~Some Newsletter painting lessons from Master Ransui
    ~ World exposure in member art YouTube videos
    ~ Be part of a growing Sumi community of like-minded artists.

ICCPS Society was founded by Master Ransui Yakata of Japan
Master Ransui Yakata
 Wonderful article about Ransui:
International Branch Director Contacts

Please do not hesitate to contact any director.

Scroll down for North American application process.

Japan Exhibition Poster 2016

Japan Exhibition 2016
June 2 - 12 2016

Tokyo Exhibition 2016
Corner View of Exhibition


ICCPS China Exhibition 2015
Coming in October
Public Center - Anshan City, China 

Poster for Exhibition


ICCPS - Tokyo 2014 Exhibition
June 10 - 15, 2014 
Takanawa Art Gallery, Shinagawa ward, Tokyo. 

Tokyo 2014 Exhibition Flyer
2013 International China Exhibition - ICCPS Main Event
 October 2013!!

Public Center, AnShan City, China
Exhibition Flyer

Click on a photo to visit the exhibition!

Ransui Yakata outside of Exhibit
Inside AnShan City, China Exhibit

Society Exhibitions in 2013

Japan Exhibition

June 3, 2013 to June 9, 2013
 Takanawa public Center 2nd Gallery Shinagawa-ku Tokyo Japan
Artist Reception: June 8th at 5PM
95 works of Calligraphy and Sumi-e on display

North America Branch ICCPS members invited to participate:
Kalpa MacLachlan of Holland
Casey Shannon of USA

Japan Exhibition 2013 Poster


Click on a photo to visit the exhibition!

View of Tokyo, Japan Exhibit 2013
Tokyo, Japan Exhibition 2013

Society Exibitions in 2012

Maulévrier, France
Parc de Oriental

August 25 to September 2, 2012
Largest Japanese park in Europe

21 Calligraphy and sumi-e painters from 10 countries
Exhibit under the direction of Mr. Gregory Cortecero, ICCPS French Director

Poster for Oriental Park - Zen

Please view a lovely video of the park and 21 participating artists!

View of the Exhibit

The exhibit has been so successful the ending date has been extended until September 9, 2012!

Read a lovely article about the exhibit written by 'Beyond Calligraphy'


North American Branch!

North American Branch Logo Designed by Tai Oi Yee

Current Member List

Scroll Down for Society Application Information

Master Sumi-e painter ~ Ransui Yakata ~ Founder of Society

Click Here for a very interesting interview with Ransui Yakata


Watch Ransui Painting Suiboku

Suiboku is a style of Japanese water painting. It has a long history, with its roots in China, and is closely associated with the art of calligraphy. One of water painting's major differences from oil painting is the spontaneity of execution it requires. Once a brush stroke has been made, it cannot be changed or disguised. What is painted on the spur of the moment is instantly frozen in time for posterity. Successful water painting therefore demands consummate skill - the honing over the years of unerring painting techniques, skills, instincts, and total moment-by-moment concentration.

Watch Ransui creating Calligraphy

Casey Shannon Studio

Certification by Ransui Yakata

I am honored to have been asked and invited by Ransui Yakata to be an invited artist and a society counselor/director in the International Chinese Calligraphic Art and Ink Painting Artist Society on October 16, 2010. It is my privilege to serve as the North American Branch Director.
国際中国書法国画家協会アメリカ支部:Ms. Casey Shannon アメリカ現代水墨画家

Join Us
Want to Join the Sumi Society?
Interested in this fast growing society?
For more information about this Sumi Society please contact me:

Application Process:
2. Obtain an Application Form
3. Submit Sample Artwork ~ Calligraphy or Sumi-e
4. Via PayPal (I will give you the ID) pay your society dues ~ Thank-you!

After completion of all parts of the application process and acceptance into the Sumi Society, the Tokyo office will send you your membership card. You will be a member in good standing and you can participate in any or all society activities.

North America Branch - ICCPS

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